Weekend Successes

We still haven’t managed to secure housing for next month, but we did get quite a bit of other things done this weekend.

First I made this tilapia Milanese and B said “this is the way this fish is supposed to be prepared” and then he then went on to eat two large fillets. So, that recipe is a keeper. I reduced the salt a little and drastically reduced the butter and oil. I used only two tablespoons butter and two tablespoons oil. I fried all of the fish at once in a very large pan instead of frying them one by one.

I also made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (adapted from the recipe on King Arthur Flour’s website). I made the cookies bite-sized and B ate them from the cookie jar like he was Cookie Monster. We did a lot of walking this weekend and so B was super hungry.

M took some long naps so I was able to get a lot done on the final quilt that mom sent for me to finish. I’ll be so happy once I’m finished with that thing. That will make four quilts. I’ll have to take pictures of all of them and post about them soon. I also whipped up this darling sun romper using some fabric that I had been holding on to since my birthday.

My brother and (soon-to-be) sister-in-law sent me a couple yards of various fabrics for my birthday. They were hoping that I would use them to make something for M and now I’m finally getting around to it. Now that I have a machine that sews with elastic, I can make things with smocking. Smocking is a nice way to cheat with size. This romper is just basically a large rectangle, but the smocking makes it look more fitted at the top.

It’s a little long but I think that will ensure that it will fit come summertime and warmer weather.

The straps can cross or go straight and they are fastened to the back with some small, purple, vintage buttons I found at that little button and notions shop in downtown Stockholm.

As you can see from the list of menus, this week’s dessert is this lemon lime cake with fresh lime whipped cream. B had bought some cheap citrus a while back and I wanted to use up the last of the lemons and limes before they went. I used some on the fish last night and the rest to make this cake.

Wowee! This cake is amazing. The cake itself is very moist and light. Eating it plain would be fine. It’s not very sweet and so it sits well in the stomach. The fresh whipped cream is, of course, great and makes the whole thing into a moist, citrus-y bite of fluff in your mouth. I definitely recommend trying out that recipe.

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