Menus, Week of 1/7/12

I know it’s been forever since I last blogged. We’re in the U.S. now and finally moved into our new place. The unpacking isn’t quite finished yet and we have a few things to sell to make space, but it’s getting there. I’m hoping to blog more regularly again about what we’re up to and hopefully one day about our return to Sweden (we’re hoping to land jobs there in about two years or so). Until I have more time, I’ll leave you with this week’s menus. I’m starting school this week and have class every night Mon-Thurs. Thus, dinners are planned specifically so that Ben and I can coordinate with my class schedule.

Saturday: Roasted chicken, potatoes, salad

Sunday: Chicken enchiladas, salad

Monday: Broccoli bites, salad, bread

Tuesday: Spaghetti, meat, spinach

Wednesday: Pizza and salad

Thursday: Mac ‘n cheese, nuggets, peas

Friday: Salmon, broccoli, rice

Dessert: Ice cream and caramel popcorn

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